ArtBikes brings you a collection of Dutch "granny" bikes with famous classic paintings. You can take a look at the available models on It is also possible to put your own logo, design or photo on the bikes. The traditional cloth chain cover and coatguards are printed in full colour.

According to the founders Floris van Heteren and Aart Jan Bergshoeff the Dutch granny bike will become more and more popular all over Europe. Dutch bikes are internationally known for their quality, and the granny bike type is considered to be not expensive. In Amsterdam almost one third of all the bikes are granny bikes. It's unisex and practically one-size-fits-all (although there is also a small size). As an advertising medium these bikes are ideal: "Very often outdoor advertising is expensive, impossible or sometimes prohibited. But you can always put a bike anywhere!" the founders say. There is a wide range of frame colours, and eventually even more colours will be available. Even custom RAL-colours are possible for quantities of 30 pieces or more.

About a year ago Floris van Heteren decided to sell his share in a bike rental company in Amsterdam. According to him people in Europe would use bicycles more and more, because it is cheap, good for your health and better for the environment. Holland is the number one bicycle country in Europe, with 1.3 million bicycles sold last year on a population of 14 million. With his international background in high finance Floris decided to focus on the whole continent. A Dutch name that is well known all over Europe is Van Gogh, hence was born: a webshop selling Dutch bikes all over Europe. With his promotion tour across France, Italy and the U.K. he found many shops willing to serve as dealers.

The use of the name of Van Gogh led to a new concept in which famous paintings were printed on bikes: ArtBikes. Together with graphic and industrial designer Aart Jan Bergshoeff (who is a former painter himself, as well as a bike fanatic) they further developed the plan. And now they present these two new brands: for bikes with famous paintings and for custom bikes with your own logo, image or photo. 

During this year they will also bring a revolutionary new bike model into the spotlights, as well as some striking new bike accessories, all under the Van Gogh brand.